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Remarkably, I note that I have not mentioned Flickr. Heavens alive! How did this occur? If there was one Social Media type platform that delivers more thanĀ  most it is Flickr.



Returning to Social Media, we now discuss Friendfeed another of the SM platforms we have attached to our DMG-network.

Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue

Coming back to Social Media again, after having covered the data related to Australia on the DMG-network, we can now mention Empire Avenue. Empire Avenue to me has a tremendous amount of potential and if leveraged correctly is probably one of the most powerful tools on the internet, however this can come at a cost […]



Another Social Media site we use for content distribution is Zimbio. When we first started with this platform I saw a great amount of potential in the site however this ‘potential’ has never been realised and quite honestly we only utilise it as it has not taken up much of our time.



Returning to the Social Media platforms that the DMG-network utilises, Chime.in is another useful structure that we use for content sharing.



Another website similar to Scoop.it which falls under the Social Media umbrella for the term, Curator, is Storify.



Falling under the Social Media banner but under the name of ‘curate’, there is a pleasant website called Storify.it where you are able to create your own areas of interest.



Continuing under the line of Social Media and having mentioned the big players such as Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn, without discussing the values of Twitter, I shall now mention Delicious, which is one of the old ‘stalwarts’ of the internet where they originally dealt in ‘bookmarking’ and the sharing of links.



Returning to the mentioning of the various Social Media platforms we use, LinkedIn plays a decent role after Facebook and Google Plus, though I do see great value and leverage in setting up groups for the various topics of interest we are strong in.



When it comes to the main Social Media platforms that you should use, it goes without saying that Google+ should be one of them.