Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue

Coming back to Social Media again, after having covered the data related to Australia on the DMG-network, we can now mention Empire Avenue.

Empire Avenue to me has a tremendous amount of potential and if leveraged correctly is probably one of the most powerful tools on the internet, however this can come at a cost if you are not careful.

What cost you might ask, well quite simply put, your time.

EA tends to demand more and more of your time to avoid your shares from dropping or your DIVs from going lower.

I have made my peace with the ‘algorithm’ of the monster and quite frankly, I am quite happy with what I consider the value of this SM platform.

I put this platform (and its specific value to me) right up there with the big players, and imo, ahead of Google+

Try this at your own time peril but be rest assured it is a very helpful tool

My Empire Avenue presence: http://empireavenue.com/DMGNETWORK

Cheers and thanks


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