Continuing under the line of Social Media and having mentioned the big players such as Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn, without discussing the values of Twitter, I shall now mention Delicious, which is one of the old ‘stalwarts’ of the internet where they originally dealt in ‘bookmarking’ and the sharing of links.

Delicious has lost its way to a great extent and is now trying to (imo) establish itself as a ‘Content and News Distribution’ point, however they have lost the momentum and the interest of many a user, I still use my Sidly Derious account for content distribution however it does not garner much interest from me but is still used as a tool for distribution.

At the end of the discussion of all the services out there, I shall give a ‘sum up’ of them according to how I rate them regarding time put in and value to me

my Social Media accounts mentioned so far:


SM via Imagery


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