Returning to the Social Media platforms that the DMG-network utilises, is another useful structure that we use for content sharing.

I find the platform satisfactory and the interaction to be on a decent level, so in a nutshell I believe that by using this website it serves and purpose.

Like anything with Social Media it takes time to build a relationship and this platform to me shows promise, even this will be slow and purposeful. is the user account being used for DMG-network

Because of DMG’s vast amount of topics covered we are able to place our content distribution into the SM structure according to what we consider will best suit that platform, so certainly falls into a category where we would NOT distribute content as easily there due to ‘lack of interest’.

This assessment is needed when using platforms or else you would be using your time unnecessarily in an area where the ROI is not met.

In a later post we will list the value of each of the SM platforms according to the DMG-network.



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