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Remarkably, I note that I have not mentioned Flickr. Heavens alive! How did this occur? If there was one Social Media type platform that delivers more thanĀ  most it is Flickr.


Adding it All up

Hopefully by now if you have been reading a few of the posts you will start beginning to understand how the DMG-network structure is set-up and how we use the varying platforms related to Social Media as well as our own websites and portals to distribute content and to develop site authority.


PR Development

A major part of the DMG-network that is still under development is our PR section. This area has long been in the planning and I am hoping that we are able to roll-out the structure attached to the DMG platform in 2013, well now.

IMGfave is the last of the Social Media imagery sites which we use for branding and product identity. Each platform has its weaknesses however using all 4 of them together works well for achieving the objectives or tasks of our goals.


Sponsored websites

Under the DMG-network we have a category for ‘sponsored websites’. In the last year we sponsored 3 athletes who attended the London Olympic Games, and have since cut the ‘sponsored athlete’ sites down to two. This will fall under the Time-to-Run structure and is linked to country.



Keeping on with the same topic of visual Social Media where we have mentioned both Pinterest and Tumblr in previous posts, I shall now mention two further visual SM’s that we use for branding and awareness.