When it comes to the main Social Media platforms that you should use, it goes without saying that Google+ should be one of them.

As mentioned before, having a return on the time invested (ROI), into Social Media is most important. For myself, I currently utilise Google+ for news and content distribution, however I have not yet moved to ‘leverage’ my interaction with users in the same way I have achieved this with Facebook.

With Facebook, it is very much me utilising the ‘social’ aspects with friends towards business ideas, Google+ is used more towards all things internet and not so much ‘friendship’, though with time I am sure to make friends via this medium.

Google+ also has Pages, the equivalent of FB Fan Pages as well as having Communities.

Google+ Communities is fairly new and I saw a great amount of scope in these areas, however with Running Information being such a strong part of DMG-network I was reluctant to create a Community for this information on G+, instead I shall use LinkedIn groups for this purpose.

So far, I have not found true value in Google+ but instead see it more as a ‘noise factory’ and I suppose with the internet we need to do both ‘relevancy’ and ‘noise’ in our marketing ambitions.

Content distribution is marketing, more on this later.

As can be seen from the various posts I am still documenting the structure and purpose of DMG-network, and in the end I shall interweave everything to give it more sense and sensibility.

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