Running Life

Running Life

We are chuffed to mention Running Life, this is MrsDuck’s (my better half) website which can be found on the blogging network.

This of course falls under the Time-to-Run Running Information umbrella and has been used to document various aspects of her running which would have included working as Elite Athlete Coordinators for the Copenhagen Marathon, a service we provided for 4 years.

MrsDuck’s running was very much on hold for a few years as we were making so many life changes, this after a blast to the fore in 2010, followed by the upheaval related to the new plans and simply not getting back to running.

However, over the last 9 months the athlete has been getting back into running order and was happy to write a report about her recent Half Marathon debut.

Well I and we, being DMG, are excited that she is ‘up n running’ again

The blog site can be found here: Running Life –

more to follow

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  1. thanks for sharing!

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