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AllnSpire is the catch-all for the DMG-network Inspiration range and functions in the same manner as All4Data and Time-4-Sport. Built on a wordpress multi-site sub-domain installation and utilising a Studiopress theme With the sub-doman installation, this will allow for the adding of personal blogs and lower-end client websites which ties in with our content distribution […]



HealthnSpire is a site developed to cover everything related to Health as well as aspects linked to Alternative health and medicine which can enhance our life.

By now the wheels were turning rapidly and the development of the nSpire range was gaining momentum, came to the fore. An environmental website covering topics of news and information, with the intention of providing reviews on green and eco related products from Auto to Technology. was another addition to our nSpire range and this idea had been sitting in my head for many a year and when the nSPire range began to develop it seemed only sensible that I was able to add the noise in my head into making a Homestyle website.

OK, heaven knows what I was thinking when I bought the domain and started developing the Fashion News and Information portal.

By now, DMG was defining itself in the development of their Information portals and the introduction of the new nSpire range was to prove the start of further websites which led to the creation of AutonSpire.