By now the wheels were turning rapidly and the development of the nSpire range was gaining momentum, came to the fore.

An environmental website covering topics of news and information, with the intention of providing reviews on green and eco related products from Auto to Technology.

The website was built using WordPress while using Studiopress for the theme.

The site acts as a catch-all for country related eco topics which brings all the news under Econspire.

The development of the site has been fun and along the way I have come in touch with various eco warrriors, as well as people who are producing interesting products.

I can say I have certainly learned a lot more about the environmental issues and actions taking place as well as the work being done in this direction.

What the site has also served as, is a platform to make people more aware about the human rights on minorities where development is threatening their ‘domain’ where they live.  We have mainly used Survival Internationals press releases to this end. It certainly does highlight how we who live in the modern world and consider it our right to deny tribes who seek to continue with their own way of life, as this lifestyle does not fit in with our development.

Interesting times ahead and one area that continues to intrigue me is solar and wind power, where such developments are becoming more viable.

Interesting times ahead and great ‘things’ planned for the nSpire range

So far we have now mentioned 4 sites being built under the nSpire range * * DMG-projects * * * * * * * * * * * *


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