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alternative medicine

Alternative Medicine

The Alternative Medicine section falls under our Time-to-Run Running Information Network domain, and is still incorporated into our Sports Medicine section.

hampton court half

Training Program Partnership

We recently, as in Time-to-Run.com, partnered with the Hampton Court Half Marathon, which is due to run the 23rd February, 2014.

music marathon

Music Marathon

Added a new client website in the form of MusicMarathon.com, this site will no doubt link up with our Running Network in the long-term.

The ABC - The Andrew Bsoch Corner


The ABC, is a section which allows us to continue with the listing of the various content found under the categories of the Time-to-Run network.

Time-to-Run Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology

We now move to discussing the various categories which are actual stand alone sites which fall under our Time-to-Run Running Information domain. The Exercise Physiology site is the first category we shall list.

Tel Aviv Marathon

Running Tel Aviv

In 2011, I travelled as a guest to the Tel Aviv Marathon and on my return I built the site to cover the event, so this is the DMG-network start and development for content relating to Israel.

Running Scotland

Running Scotland

Running Scotland falls under our Time-to-run.co.uk domain and was developed with Scottish coverage as one of our main intentions.

Running Malta

Running Malta

Running Malta is falls under the Time-to-Run umbrella and has actually been around for a number of years. Originally the content was provided by the Maltese journalist, Paul Grech.

Running Britain

Running UK

Quite inexplicably we have somehow failed to mention Running UK which falls under the Time-to-Run umbrella and is actually on its own co.uk domain.

Running Cape Town

Running Cape Town

Running Cape Town falls under the Time-to-Run.co.za domain and is part of the Time-to-Run network.