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Running South Africa

Running South Africa

Time-to-Run.co.za, is our running information site for South Africa, the data and news is specific to the country. The information associated to nutrition, training, injuries etc is pulled from the main Time-to-run.com site, and the intention is to provide localised information as to the service providers in the various areas such as physiotherapy, massage et […]

Time-to-Run - Running Information

Running Information

My first site which was to become a mega site with development was Time-to-Run.com This Running Information site started off with my intention of putting my coaching knowledge into a platform with what I considered would make a great running information site. I initially started off with a section for Cape Town running information, of […]

Coaching - Cape Town 1986

Background to Internet Development

I shall utilise this blog to discuss the background to my development of the internet structure and how it was all processed. I am an originally from Cape Town, South Africa, where I was extensively involved in athletic coaching and development. Coming to running coaching in 1984, I was fortunate to work with an athlete […]