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colloidal gold silver

Colloidal Gold Silver

We are currently developing the client alternative health website; Colloidal Gold Silver, which will fall under the DMG-network umbrella as a long-term client where we offer them a monthly package that covers their hosting, as well as Social Media needs.

music marathon

Music Marathon

Added a new client website in the form of MusicMarathon.com, this site will no doubt link up with our Running Network in the long-term.



We are currently developing the client photography website; WPRphoto, which should be the start of a number of DMG-network sites under this genre.

SETTO - Sport Events and Touring Team Organisers


The SETTO – Sport Events and Touring Team Organisers  website was built for the client Jack Talbot and covers Sports Tours to Lanzarote.

Forex Training Academy

Forex Training Academy

The Forex Training Academy  website was built for our client Marc Walton and covers Forex Training.



A very recent client website we are currently developing is Pilates-Individual.com for Angela Wild, the intention is to also link this to the future DMG-network site, MyLanzaInfo.com.

Wild Pack Leader

Wild Pack Leader

We have recently been developing the site WildPackLeader.com for our client, Rudolf Wild, which will in all probability be linked to MyLanzaInfo.com


Nutrition Fit Body

We have recently started the development of  NutritionFitBody.com for our client, Niki Skarne, which will be attached the DMG-Sports Network as well as the planned Health, Fitness and Welfare sector



In the last few days, I have developed a new website for a client which will inevitably be attached to our Business Network – TheBizSense.com



Out of all the posts I have created, not once have I mentioned a client website, so today’s post will be my first mentioning of a client. And the website mentioned is AfricanVolcano.com