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Added TrustCloud and Flickr stream

Have added the Trust Cloud badge and Flickr screen to the widget sidebar to give the blog more colour 😉

colloidal gold silver

Colloidal Gold Silver

We are currently developing the client alternative health website; Colloidal Gold Silver, which will fall under the DMG-network umbrella as a long-term client where we offer them a monthly package that covers their hosting, as well as Social Media needs.



Remarkably, I note that I have not mentioned Flickr. Heavens alive! How did this occur? If there was one Social Media type platform that delivers more than  most it is Flickr.

hampton court half

Training Program Partnership

We recently, as in, partnered with the Hampton Court Half Marathon, which is due to run the 23rd February, 2014.


All the best for 2014

Well it’s here, 2014. All the best from DMG to all our users, partners, clients and prospective clients

server room

New Server

At DMG, we have our own servers. No, we rent our rack space from a company and then we have to manage our own servers.

music marathon

Music Marathon

Added a new client website in the form of, this site will no doubt link up with our Running Network in the long-term.

facebook 2013

Facebook Review 2013

Well my Facebook Review 2013 is up and so I may as well post about it.

The ABC - The Andrew Bsoch Corner


The ABC, is a section which allows us to continue with the listing of the various content found under the categories of the Time-to-Run network.


DMG Responsive sites

One of the joys of technology is the continual change that the internet goes through and whereas for some it can be exciting times, for developers and designers it is a nightmare to keep up with the ‘browser’ changes and all that is related to the web.