DMG Responsive sites

responsiveOne of the joys of technology is the continual change that the internet goes through and whereas for some it can be exciting times, for developers and designers it is a nightmare to keep up with the ‘browser’ changes and all that is related to the web.

Within the DMG structure, we have avoided rushing towards putting all the sites onto mobile responsive designs and the reasoning behind this is related to time, as well as the fact that the bulk of our Information sites was built on the Lifestyle theme which incredibly looks OK for now. All our new sites and client sites are built on the responsive themes available to us.

Currently we use 3 different theme companies where we have a Developer License which gives us a fair amount to choose from, however, support still plays a major role in our needs and Studiopress wins in this area hands down.

HTML5 is here now and we have slowly been switching sites across to the Responsive design, however, as mentioned, Time-to-Run, Global-Travels, Food-e-Matters, Globalbuzz-sa, Tech-e-View and GlobalBuzz are all still on the Lifestyle theme and when it comes to changing, it shall be an arduous task.

On we go

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