Exercise Physiology

Time-to-Run Exercise Physiology

We now move to discussing the various categories which are actual stand alone sites which fall under our Time-to-Run Running Information domain. The Exercise Physiology site is the first category we shall list.

The set-up and structure of Time-to-Run is vast, whereas we have listed most of our country installations, we now move to listing our category information which covers everything from the Sports Doctor, through Exercise Physiology, Injuries and Treatment, Nutrition and Training plus a lot more definitive information that makes Time-to-Run the powerful resource it is.

Because of our link with Doc Andrew Bosch, who shall list in our next post, Time-to-Run has been able to tap into various Sports Science information during the development of the Time-to-Run platform.

The installation is on a wordpress multi-site structure with Studiopress theme and can be found here:

Exercise Physiology – www.time-to-run.com/physiology

Currently we have articles relating to Training and Competition in Warm Conditions to What body type are you? with further articles being added as we go along.

More data to follow relating to our Running Information categories

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