Travel London

Travel London

Travel London returns us to chatting about our Travel portal, and the content related to the various countries that can be found there.

When the wife and I lived in the London Surrounds area, it was an incredibly exciting time and much was happening in London at the time. The year was 1997, and Princess Diana had died as a result of a car accident, Oasis was large and the Spice Girls were making a noise. The buzz; the emotion, everything was so electric. It continued for 3 years (until we left to go create our family), however doing this time, it played out the importance of London as a destination for youngsters coming out of school and either having a gap-year in their studies or simply going on holiday to the city.

It is certainly a must do for anybody’s list.

Travel London, as with all the other sites, under the umbrella is built on WordPress multi-site utilising a Studiopress theme.

There is so much to link to from our other DMG-network niche websites, so London coverage makes sense to be part of the cities we will cover individually.

When I first started building websites, I was designing a travel map and it seems that with our current plans the map shall finally become a reality.¬†Better late than never, one could say. Information has always played a role in the sites we have built, however the ‘niche’ aspects of what is being developed will hopefully flourish to the fore in the future.

The site can be found here: Travel London –

Certainly more to follow in this area

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