Tech-e-View iPad

Tech-e-View iPad

iPad Technology Information content is developed under the domain and in the future we may move all this content simply under Apple technology

For now we will roll with the data under this section, so, as with our other Tech-e-View sites, it is developed using the WordPress multi-site installation, as a sub-directory installation. We have used a Studiopress theme for the design however we are planning a new theme change over in the not too distant future.

The development and launching of the iPad was all the rage and some considered it suitable to use to chop onion and tomato on it, however the rise in the tablet market has shown the value of iPad across the board.

From my side, I have seen the powerful ability for the iPad to be used when making a quick video.

The iPad has certainly shown that is has a place in the technology market

The website can be found here: iPad Technology –

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