Running UK

Running Britain

Quite inexplicably we have somehow failed to mention Running UK which falls under the Time-to-Run umbrella and is actually on its own domain.

How naughty of me.

Running UK or Britain –

Was established many moons ago and was not developed to Level 3 as yet, even if we have owned and used the domain for this purpose. We even dedicated a section to Scotland as our server technical advisor, friend and great fella is also a runner, and a fine one to boot.

We allowed the UK coverage to flounder somewhat, however we are currently working on re-stimulating in the correct way. Considering our strength in the UK and Ireland via the DMG-network, it has made no sense that this was not better developed.

However, we here talking about it and can therefore move forward in earnest.


Running Sites mentioned so far under the Time-to-Run network umbrella: – Running Information Headquarters – Running Information for South Africa – Running Information for Ireland – Trail Running Information – Running Blog Network – TheEd’s Blog – Suomen Juoksu – Running Australia – Running Canada – Running New Zealand – Deutsch Laufzeit – Kenya Running – Running Namibia – Running Europe – Running Cape Town

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