Consolidating and Output

DMG the Network

In this post we will consolidate what data and information we have shared so far, we shall also mention what can be expected in future posts as well as.

This blog was started in December 2012 and was directly related to my involvement with Empire Avenue. EA being the reason why I created this blog. The great thing is that such a blog was needed and it has helped me correlate data here which I can use for future DMG-network developments.

What we have shown is the layout and structure of the DMG-network, as well as the ‘niche’ areas we provide information in, from Running, through Travel, Food and much much more.

This is very much a network that works which is designed and developed to achieve content distribution as well provide output in the future to link the content with the user in a manner that the DMG-network is able to deliver what the user desires while establishing loyalty.

Much to do, however the foundation has been laid.

In future posts we shall be discussing the type of client that is best suited to benefit from the exceptional services the DMG-network has to offer.

Events, Gigs, Art, Accommodation and Restaurant listings are part of the initial processing while we further develop our PR reach and strength. The posts will further discuss:

what we do
who we do it for

to start with

Onwards and forwards with the DMG-network

the image attached to this post has not gone into too much depth regardung the network however it should provide at least an idea as to how we are ‘wired’


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