Löpning Sverige

Löpning Sverige

Löpning Sverige

Löpning Sverige covers our running information for Sweden under the Time-to-Run.com umbrella.

Built on wordpress single installation within a folder on the Time-to-Run.com domain

We have started with translation into Swedish of The Big 5 – most common running injuries, and have added it to the site.

It is the intention to develop the content through interests in Sweden which will incorporate event listings et al

Löpning Sverige – www.time-to-run.com/se

Sites mentioned so far under the Time-to-Run network umbrella:

www.time-to-run.com – Running Information Headquarters
www.time-to-run.co.za – Running Information for South Africa
www.time-to-run.com/ie – Running Information for Ireland
www.time-to-run.com/trail – Trail Running Information
www.time-to-run.net – Running Blog Network
www.time-to-run.com/theed – TheEd’s Blog
www.time-to-run.com/fi – Suomen Juoksu
www.time-to-run.com/au – Running Australia
www.time-to-run.com/canada – Running Canada
www.time-to-run.com/nz – Running New Zealand
www.time-to-run.com/de – Deutsch Laufzeit


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