Handling Translation and Content

wp translate

Due to DMG-network and its many different niche areas of information, as well as taking into account the providing of data in the various country languages, we have had to find a way to provide translations in the best method.

We know that the best way is to have the data translated individually, to some extent this has worked for us when providing the data in Finnish for Time-to-Run Suomi, well, it helps to have a Finnish wife.

There has also been some success with the German translation of some of the running articles as well as Swedish under the Time-to-Run umbrella, however, with the size of the network and the niche topics we are covering we are needing to be able to provide the translation ‘on the fly’.

Fortunately, wordpress does provide a Multi Language plugin towards this end via. There is a fair amount of development taking place in this area and it still lacks in some areas.

The plans are to have content provided by persons (staff?) in their own language and we will continually work to best provide this content, currently we are providing the translation according to what is the easiest and most efficient way for us to provide the content.

So, for example, whereas we may have content covering Travel Finland, you are most likely to find this content in English and according to need will provide data about Finland in other languages, such as German.

The reason for this approach, is that we are not trying to reinvent the wheel by duplicating content out there, instead we will provide translation according to our knowledge of our ‘user-base’ and what they want to see and whether we are able to provide a solution for them accordingly.

This is very important, as we intend providing packages of travel and interest according to the individual’s need, as this is where the translation comes into its own, it will be in the user’s language as we have identified a need for the translation accordingly.

Here’s hoping this makes sense

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