A quick post relating to good old Google, who can tell you how to build your website, where to place your ads and how to punish you if there are links coming into you which are negative for your website, then throw in the aspect that if someone steals your content and puts it on their site you could be punished for duplicate content.

So through all of this you have quite a responsibility to Google, if you want to be favoured for their search rankings, which can lead to traffic.

All fair enough.

So, I discover that someone is hotlinking to images on one of my sites and it is coming from a user on (do note: Blogger and Blogspot are one), which afterall is a property of Google.

I fill in the online form with the following: description_of_copyrighted_work: this website is hotlinking to images

I provide the exact link of the offending website.

And this is the response I receive:
We have reviewed your request. At this time, Google has decided not to take action. Blogger hosts third-party content. It is not a creator or mediator of that content. We encourage you to resolve any disputes directly with the individual who posted the content.

the representative of Google further states the following:
If you cannot reach an agreement and choose to pursue legal action against the individual who posted the content, and that action results in a judicial determination that the material is illegal or should be removed, please send us the court order seeking removal.

So great, I get a response, but they simply cannot be arsed to clean up the internet when their own property is being used to commit illegal activity.

Oh well, George Orwell knows best, bring on Animal Farm and 1984


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