Food UK

Food UK

We will use this opportunity to back track to a niche site related to the UK. Under the DMG-network umbrella we are planning and putting together many structures which compliments each topic where we are developing content in. Food UK falls under the Food-e-Matters structure. (We are planning a new name for our food structure and have already bought the domain however that is for another post)Food UK is built with wordpress using a sub-folder installation and the url can be found here:

Food UK –

To start with, the site will cover all of the UK however as we develop there is every possibility that we shall have specific installations for London, Wales etc

This set-up will provide news and information related to Food Matters in the UK and shall provide listings as to where to eat, where to find the restaurants and events related to food.

There shall be food and restaurant reviews accordingly.

Certainly a great deal more to come under this section

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