Suomen Juoksu

Suomen Juoksu

Suomen Juoksu

Time-to-Run Suomi, is our running information translated into Suomi (Finnish), currently we are not covering event news and data in the same way as our country sites however the content is proving to be popular with more than 5000 visits per month from Finland.

The Suomen Juoksu section is built on its own wordpress installation in a folder on the domain.

The future covering of Finland’s data is planned as part of  the DMG-network’s overall  structure to cover information regarding events in the country as well as feedback for the locals. The intention is to provide data linked to our ‘client’ events from around the world in Finnish (Suomi).

There will also be data in English about events to be found in the country.

As with our other developments this will also link to our Travel structure.

Sites mentioned so far under the Time-to-Run network umbrella: – Running Information Headquarters – Running Information for South Africa – Running Information for Ireland – Trail Running Information – Running Blog Network – TheEd’s Blog

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