Running USA

US Running Information, is our running information site for the USA, the data and news is specific to the country and will be developed as we progress within the country with the various DMG-network structure plans. The site provides the information associated to nutrition, training, injuries etc, and with time the intention is to provide more localised information as to the service providers in the various areas such as physiotherapy and massage et al. Because of the high traffic volumes received  from the USA, it makes sense to further increase our involvement in the country.

The content in the form of running news is pretty current,  as we develop we will start to utilise our own news and content development. There is a separate installation for the marathon, this is due to the major interest in this distance and the many different events available.

Sites mentioned so far under the Time-to-Run network umbrella: – Running Information Headquarters – Running Information for South Africa – Running Information for Ireland – Trail Running Information – Running Blog Network – TheEd’s Blog

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