Adding it All up


Hopefully by now if you have been reading a few of the posts you will start beginning to understand how the DMG-network structure is set-up and how we use the varying platforms related to Social Media as well as our own websites and portals to distribute content and to develop site authority.

Whereas we understand the structure and development of DMG-network [well we have to, don’t we 😉 ], it is often difficult to put across to people how the platform works and how we have been establishing the foundation to be able to deliver in niche specific areas while still being able to deliver an interest in a broader manner.

The ability in the future to deliver information for users in a specific niche and into a location is our aim, where geo-fencing can come into its own in a natural and welcomed manner.

We design the websites with eCommerce, the logos, create the branding and we develop our niche information, then we place our clients in contact with their prospective clients by bringing their product directly to the right audience.

All quite simple really 😉

And believe me there is more however that is for another day


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