StumbleUpon was one of the very decent bookmarking and sharing sites around which provided quite decent traffic for your websites, however once the spammers started hitting this platform, the management of SU (imo), threw the baby out with the bath water and the process destroyed the dynamics of the site.

I still use this Social Media platform, though it takes a great deal of work for not as much return and I focus on slowly adding followers and following other users.

I like the platform and therefore keep using the site as part of the DMG ‘must use’ tasks.

See this post to note the Social Media platforms DMG is on – Social Media :



  1. I agree; it’s very frustrating, and I can’t help but think they could do some things to control the commercial spamming, if they wanted to. My shares box fills up in 2-3 days, mostly with collections of raunchy party pics all arriving in clusters. If they just limited shares to selected interests, that would help a great deal. Or even limited the number of shares you could do per day.

    Speaking of adding followers: If our interests coincide a bit…

    1. Hi Dan, I have clicked follow on StumbleUpon, do note I am meDuckie on SU .. thanks Gavin

      1. Much appreciated. I followed you back.

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