Running South Africa

Running South Africa

Running South Africa, is our running information site for South Africa, the data and news is specific to the country.

The information associated to nutrition, training, injuries etc is pulled from the main site, and the intention is to provide localised information as to the service providers in the various areas such as physiotherapy, massage et al.

Because of my link to South Africa, the land of my birth, and Cape Town, the city of my upbringing, I have focused on both South Africa and Cape Town running information. My background is athletic coaching from the time I lived in Cape Town where I coached for 13 years before arriving in Europe.

Whereas the content in the form of running news is pretty current, I need to refresh and update data about clubs and other aspects involved with the sport.

Since my leaving SA, there has been great development in Trail Running and with further posts I shall discuss that discipline in more detail.

Sites mentioned so far under the DMG-network umbrella: * * DMG-projects * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * gardenspire * Global- Travels Ireland *

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