Sponsored websites



Under the DMG-network we have a category for ‘sponsored websites’.

In the last year we sponsored 3 athletes who attended the London Olympic Games, and have since cut the ‘sponsored athlete’ sites down to two. This will fall under the Time-to-Run structure and is linked to country.

So we now have an athlete from Canada and one from Ireland, we will be adding further athletes from around the world according the country content we cover.

The sponsored website category is related to providing a higher end niche website for a particular person, club or similar in a topic that is covered by DMG-network.

This is a level above our regular bloggers and ventures towards a high end ‘star’ status.

From a marketing perspective it allows for us to identify with a particular ‘commodity’ and to provide content from the top end of the niche topic. Top end mainly referring to their status and level of success in the given area. So, if they are a top athlete they would be linked to the running platform, if we identify them as the making of a top artist then they are linked to our Art portal etc etc.

A plain and simple high end marketing tool for our network.

More to follow

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