Fashionable Mama

Fashionable Mama

Fashionable Mama

In a previous post, I mentioned Tony McGregor‘s blog which is attached to our South Africa Information platform, in this post I would like to discuss Fashionable Mama.

Fashionable Mama, is the blog / website of Tove Griffin based in Sweden and is attached to the FashnSpire platform.

Tove works and lives in Stockholm, and started blogging when her daughter was just 2 weeks old, she was invited onto the DMG-network due to her flair and style of writing.

These days, in Tove’s own words, she writes about, “my struggle to be a Fashionable Mama and how to stay sane in the experiences that face a new mum! … ups and downs of motherhood, fashionable babies, mamas and the things that I am inspired by”

I find her writing sassy, informative and at times filled with emotional flair.

The long-term intention and hope, is to develop her blog with eCommerce attached as well as groom her towards being a ‘fashion ambassador’

On we go

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