The website that came to define society, Facebook. If ever there was a website that was to make an impact on the internet and people’s lives it was this social platform.

2 years ago, I made the bold prediction that the site would last another 5 years before it imploded. The reason I gave was that it was in people’s nature to destroy, so far that prediction may look lost in the current success.

Before Facebook, forums were playing a major role in community structures however from my experience in that sphere, the infighting that took place was a constant pain for moderators, FB on the other hand works pretty well in avoiding this annoying feature of human interaction.

The Social platform has certainly got the world buzzing and for me personally, I can say that it linked me up with many a person that I had not been in contact with since school going days and especially that I was no longer residing in the country of my birth, it seemed to provide a superb gel to allow one to stay in contact and keep abreast of what was taking place in the various places where we all lived today.

Finding a leverage with FB for business can be achieved, however relying on this can lead you down a path of danger, and those who built their online business to rely on Google have felt the pain whenever the company have done the ‘Google Dance’.

I myself have seen how traffic from Facebook seems to be getting throttled and visits to the various Fan Pages have gone through the ups and downs but then if there is a conspiracy to be found I am sure someone will be able to find one. :o)

This article has not touched on how to use Facebook effectively and I am sure there will be an article or two which will cover this soon.

So, talking of a future article, I shall cover Fanpages and using your WordPress site in conjunction with Facebook.

Till then


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