Global-Travels Ireland

Global-Travels Ireland

Global-Travels Ireland

On a previous post, I mentioned an example of a WordPress multi-site sub-domain installation, with this post I shall give you an example of a multi-site sub directory installation. The site highlighted is on the platform and covers Ireland Travel Information and Accommodation and can be found via

This is a typical example of a sub-directory site which has its own theme design, plugins and identity however it is built on one WordPress installation, so when it comes to upgrading we only upgrade the ‘central network’ installation.

All rather handy where in this example we have more than 22 installations with their own design and plugins.

The Ireland site has a Page Rank of 2 and is on a  level 2 development, we are hoping to introduce our new listings structure which will take this installation to Level 3 and onto Level 4 in its own right.

By now, you will note that the DMG-network is indeed made up of a network of sites with various niches and topics being built in a common manner

Sites mentioned so far under the DMG-network umbrella: * * DMG-projects * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * GardenSpire


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