Out of all the posts I have created, not once have I mentioned a client website, so today’s post will be my first mentioning of a client. And the website mentioned is

This website belongs to a person who I consider a friend and who has also been a client of mine for at least 7 years. His name is Grant Hawthorne and he is a top class chef, every restaurant he went to work for I would build their website and would bring the domain onto the DMG-network servers and would provide them a service according to their needs.

The Africa Volcano website is for the ‘peri peri’ sauces that Grant creates and for which the product has already received awards.

I originally met Grant on a South African community website and to a great extent he introduced me to the wonderful world of food. He has been an instrumental reason as to why I initially built Food-e-Matters.

I am sincerely hoping to do a lot more development with Grant and his aspirations in the future.

The website is built on WordPress, with a Studiopress theme and has the basic eCommerce elements provided by TCP

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