Earning online

Earning Online

Whereas my online business module was never aimed at earning via affiliates and Google Adsense,it did not mean that we were not approached by various companies to consider ‘inline’ text advertising and the various ‘get rich’ programs out there.

Our web development curve never matched the need for us to sell ourselves commercially as the idea was to keep our overheads down, earn our income through the few clients we had (without advertising to increase our client base) and to focus on building the platform before becoming more commercial in our approach.

The experience gained from companies approaching us with their publisher programs and utilising your traffic for the likes of eBay and Amazon did ‘befall’ us.

I can quite safely say that not a single company matched their sales talk after a few months and I generally found a pattern of where running with the programs was simply not worth doing.

I understand that you have affiliate marketing and the importance of building your list, however our business module was not in that direction, though with the experience gained and when time allows, it will be an area we will look to leverage in the future.

This post will serve as an introductory post to discussing ‘earning online’

Apologies if the posts come across as a little fragmented and vague however I am attempting to establish a framework as to what articles can be expected from this WordPress blog in the future.

Thank you

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