Forum Development

Time-to-Run Forums

Time-to-Run Forums

In the days before Facebook, I used to more or less focus on forum development whereby I tried to have a certain topic with information attached.

Back then vBulletin forum software was my preferred application and with the fantastic community of add-on developers it was a joyous time to be a community developer.

On one occasion I had 6 community forum developments running at the same time. Then new owners came in and this was round about the time that Facebook started coming to the fore. The combination of new owners and FB contributed to me not having that much interest in further development with vBulletin, though I still maintained the forums I owned, however it was now being utilised more as an information area instead of community sharing.

I still have aspirations of communities however this will be towards a niche end and my top set of forums are attached to the advice and feedback I give regarding the 10k Training Programs we have on

These Running Feedback Forums are, in my opinion and from experience, an example of how to best build community forums utlising the niche aspect of engagement, brand building and loyalty.

In yesterday’s post, I discussed and the bloggers who are invited onto the platform, they come specifically from the above mentioned forums.

All our future community forum structures will be built in this manner and no doubt we will move towards a WordPress Forum plugn, which seem to be developing in the right direction.

More on this topic when I switch towards perspectives and the building of sustainable communities that can earn you an income



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