The next domain I shall discuss is a bit of a conundrum as it has still not been developed to achieve what it should be achieving.

Originally someone I knew developed the domain as a place for South Africans living in the UK to interact, however with the arrival of Facebook a large number of such sites found it a ‘non-necessity’ to have a platform that FB could cater for.

So here I develop with its value still developing. It started towards being a trade based site and activity between the two countries however not much time has been afforded to the site to fully establish its identity.

For now the tag of “Everything RSA – UK related” will have to evolve into its full value.

We shall get there, but for now it is on a wordpress framework and is at the lower Level2 with a Page Rank of 2, awaiting its fate.

Sites mentioned so far under the DMG-network umbrella: * * DMG-projects * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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