As early as the end of  2000, a site for tennis had been thought of and it would be many a year before Time-4-Tennis.com found its way under the DMG Sport Network.

The Time-4-Tennis portal is still very much in its early development, however the plans and intentions are considerably bigger, with a tennis school and more planned for the future.

The site is built on WordPress multi-site with sub domain configuration and is currently between Level1 to Level2

So far we have now mentioned 4 sites being built under the nSpire range

www.time-to-run.com * www.globalbuzz-sa.com * DMG-projects * www.teach-the-brain.org * www.food-e-matters.com * www.globalbuzz.net * www.tech-e-view.com * www.thebizsense.com * www.all4data.com * www.gigmenu.com * www.artnspire.com * www.autonspire.com
www.time-to-tri.com * www.fashnspire.com * www.homenspire.com

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