Site Design


As with everything in web design and platform development, making the decision on each site development, the look and feel of the site are important.

With the ever changing landscape of browsers such as Firefox and Chrome replacing the over imposing Internet Explorer, site designs needed to be compatible with the changes that occurred.

In this area, I went from developing sites in Dreamweaver to the template system of WordPress and with this came the enormous amount of themes available out there.

From my experience, I soon settled on using Studiopress for my themes and the one reason being SUPPORT.

The support was excellent, they also took care of having the themes browser compatible.

I bought the developers licence and had a number of themes available to me.

For the stages Level 1 and Level 2, the themes were easy to adapt to my needs and their support was of the highest order.

Over time I have ventured towards 2 new set-ups for further themes however I shall discuss this more as I work towards eCommerce and what is need to achieve this.

So in closing, there are many many themes out there, however if you want to keep your process smooth, select a theme developer who has good support and Studiopress to me have been number 1.

Till next time


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