2008, also saw the launch of, the domain was launched round about the time was all the rage and Pligg developed their software which would allow you to build a site similar to the data sharing site.

At first, All4Data ran on Pligg, and to be absolutely honest we couldn’t wait to find an alternative software, especially once Pligg had been targetted by the spammers and I would spend so much time having to clean up all the spam.

I was only too happy to move All4Data onto wordpress and to use the site as a catch-all for all the DMG-network sites. The site provides links back to news and data in the same way Digg did in the bygone days, in other words a New Publishing service.

It has never been opened to the public however there are plans to take it to the next level in 2013, when certain areas will be made open to those involved with DMG.

More about this in future posts and more detail in what will be happening

Sites in the DMG-network discussed so far: * * DMG-projects * * * * * *

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