Site Development Intentions


In a previous post, I discussed building by the levels (or numbers, if you wish), here I shall discuss how I planned to give a domain history by sitting on the site until I was ready to further develop the idea or topic.

As most of you who will be reading this will know, the big player in providing site traffic is Google and as we will have learned, they often do not play fairly and trying to get a response from them is near impossible.

So, before this becomes a dislike post about the search engine, I shall further explain that by having a domain with history has less chance of suffering the ‘sand box’ effect that can happen to your website if it rises up too quickly in the search rankings.

Having mentioned this, it better explains why a number of the platforms developed have in fact been around for a number of years but have not been fully developed. I also figured that by building the Travel and Accommodation portal, for example, that with the ongoing crisis there would not be money put into new developments in the travel market by the big players, and wanted to have set-up the structure for when the economy and travel improved.

If I was able to keep my overheads down during this period then I would be able to develop a number of platforms with the intention of blossoming when there was economic improvement.

Currently, most of the information platforms have a page rank of 3 and this has been achieved on Level 1 and 2 development, when the content moves to the next stage of development I do expect a rise in their Page Rank.

And with that said, I hope it explains why it is important for a domain to have some form of history


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