Even though the domain had been purchased before the development of GlobalBuzz-SA, it was never developed to any significant level. Initially I attached Directory software to the domain and was never too perturbed about the site’s development.

Then over the last year the site has been developed to provide a ‘catch-all’ for all the Information sites that have been developed under the DMG-network umbrella. The ‘catch-all’ was based on a per country basis, with the main site being considered the HQ, in the same way is the HQ for Running Information.

Due to the development of country specific information, was built as a multi-site wordpress installation, providing a country specific gathering of data from our network in a sub directory format. So, would be the ‘catch-all’ for everything specific to the UK being mentioned across our network. for South African data was bigger due to my link to the country, however it is the intention to develop each country specific information in the same way.

Currently there are 14 sub-directory sites under catching data related to our country coverage around the world.

Our areas of strength are; as mentioned South Africa, with the UK climbing in overall data however the USA, Canada and Ireland are not that far behind. These platforms are all still at Level 2 except for South Africa.

Level 3 for the UK and Ireland will be rolled out shortly.

There is activity on each site on a weekly basis with each sub site having its own Page Rank from PR1 for the newest installation to PR3.

There is a definite plan of action and everything is moving in the right direction.

Sites spoken of: * * DMG-projects * * *


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