Building by the Levels



In past posts and in future posts you shall see me mention Level 1 and Level 2 etc.

To better explain this is to understand that in the building of every website there is a structure and course of development I stick to.

As I build currently most of the sites in wordpress, Level 1 would be the installation of the wordpress software which consists of a database on our server, the uploading of data (software) such as the wordpress package, templates and plugins to the ‘holding place’ for the website.

The purchase of the domain, which 99.9% of the time I do through GoDaddy, the pointing of the DNS to our servers, the  establishing of holding place for the new domain on the server, the setting up of the database, all comes before the uploading of the data (software).

Once this is done, the template is attached, a contact page, an about page and the plugins are set-up.

I work with various plugins, that I call my default plugins for most of my sites and I upload those from my side (previously downloaded from the plug-in section of, onto each domain.

This is all part of level 1 and a logo and adding of the content brings the site to be ready to go public.

Each site built starts at this level. Incredibly, many a person finds it difficult to get to this level swiftly.

As we progress you will see that I have many website installations at Level 1. Each site may sit there till I am ready to move forward with it or will move to level 2 immediately.

When working with a client, I normally ask for 5 pages of data and images, the site is normally set-up according to how quickly I receive this data.

My main focus is on information, which is also known as content.

For many of my info websites I have utilised content via press releases to get to Level 2, according to that site’s topic.

I add advertising slots to the sites early on and utilise Adsense when Level 2 is started. I also use my own in-house Ads across the various ad slots, these ads normally link to the various other sites on the DMG-network.

Level 3 consists of content which is original and comes via sources linked to the site topic. This is the area that the site would like to reach quickly as the sooner you have achieved this the quicker I am able to move to the next level.

Level 4 is eCommerce and I shall discuss this later


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