- Travel and Accommodation – Travel and Accommodation

Following Food-e-Matters and practically right on its tail was the development of

Years before and at the time of the making of my first accommodation website for a client, I wanted to develop a Travel portal and even now in 2013, I am eventually getting round to driving things towards the direction always envisaged.

This after starting Global-Travels in 2007, the Travel and Accommodation Information portal.

The site has history on the web and in 2013 we will be moving the site through the gears and hopefully by year end we will be at level 5. Yes, more about these absurd levels in the next post.

Global-Travels is built on WordPress multi-site and the platform is made up currently of 22 sub-directory sites covering various country content, so for example South Africa travel is covered via

Each country is developed in a similar way and is linked to the DMG-network.

The plan and direction is there and content is being covered in the following destinations:

Australia * China * Canada * Cyprus * Denmark * Finland * Germany * Ireland * New Zealand * USA * United Kingdom

to list but a few.

Accommodation listings, events and places to see are being added to each section, and of course with the Restaurant Information being developed we looking to pull this data through to our Travel sections and vice versa.

2013 is a moving year and we are currently working on white label tour packages for each area. This process is being done thoughtfully and meticulously.

Sites spoken of: * * DMG-projects * *


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