Food and Restaurant Information

Food and Restaurant Information

By 2007, I had been making a few websites which were related to food and my interest in the culinary arts became more primed.

This was mainly due to meeting the Chef Grant Hawthorne through the South Africa orientated communities and he had become a client and I would build the restaurant’s website wherever he worked.

Due to me going via a yearly recap, I won’t go into the restaurant websites that I built but would rather mentioned the launching of

All the sites that were to be built during this time were aimed at establishing a platform with the various information sites which would establish a history on the internet and when the time was right they would be brought to the fore.

Food-e-Matters – Food and Restaurant Information has been built on the wordpress multi-site platform and is made up of 6 sub directory sites at various levels of development.

In 2013, it is the intention to bring the platform out of Level 1 and to push the development past Level 3 and onto Level 5. I shall discuss what each level means as I progress with the articles.

And we now had our Food platform and were now ready for Travel.

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