Cassandra Davis

One of the glorious things about the last number of years, is the occasional meeting of good people. The internet has a way of putting you in contact more with others than it is Cassandra Davisrecognised for. One of those persons was Cassandra Davis.

Cassandra, I could recall from the South African running scene in the 80’s, she had won the SA Marathon Championships and had sought a new life in France, where she was to win the French Marathon Championships as well, no mean feat.

I had contacted Cassandra, who had her book published in 2002, Running for pregnant women and new mums, and I was fortunate enough that she so willingly became involved with as the Women’s Editor.

The Women’s section was mostly developed with Cass’s content and the posts on that section are in-depth and fun from Motivation to problems with Shoes, every women’s running resource.

Cassandra is also a full-time mother and lives in Paris with her husband who works full-time for the French N° 1 athletic club, C.A. Montreuil. She holds a full-time job at the OECD, and at weekends she often interprets at some of the French international road races. She also coaches athletes by email.

In working for the OECD, Cassandra would provide an opportunity for DMG to develop an Educational website. Post to follow


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  1. […] mentioned in the previous post, Cassandra Davis, worked for the OECD on the Education side and it led to her approaching me to develop a website […]

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