The Hosting solution

The Hosting

When I first started developing Time-to-Run, I looked for a hosting solution in the form of a Reseller package. Back in 2000, this was like searching for a needle in a haystack for a decent set-up.

So yes, in my first year I invested into a solution and lost money when they went bang. Fingers burnt and a little downhearted as there were simply put no decent set-ups where you got true value for money. You were more likely to hear about bad hosting experiences than good.

Fortunately this was to change when in 2001 I met someone who had there own hosting solution set-up. He rented his own racks from a company in the US.

This served me well until 2003, after which I rented my own racks from the same US company. I now had a friend (and techie head) who was looking after our hosting solution.

To be truthful, to date I am yet to find a single stable solution, we may go through 2 years without any downtime and then all of a sudden things will become a complete nightmare and then you have to find a new solution and rebuild your hosting platforms.

I have run on 2 of our own self-managed servers for a number of years and the one thing that took a while to change was me. I had to learn to relax when things went wrong. With DMG, I shall talk in the ‘we’, as this is better as I do have assistance.

We are now on a cloud server with one of our servers and with things changing so rapidly the solutions are improving, but the change to better solutions often does come with hiccups, fortunately I currently don’t have a big client base (and those who are clients are often friends) and most of the sites built are my own. Clients often don’t understand that things ‘happen’, things go wrong.

With ‘our’ clients in the future I am hoping to have a structure where someone can deal with the problems that occur, to set this up takes money and as everyone knows money is a scarce commodity currently.

Funding would be great to achieve things more rapidly.

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