Come 2004, I had been making a few websites for clients and it was considered necessary to go towards an email address for myself and thus was born.

Primarily utilised for my email and during the years at no time developing the domain as a website as I had not truly opened for business online.

Not sure one could call it a hobby as I was building a few HTML sites for Language, Wine and Food plus Flight areas but nothing on the deep end.

I had used a template originally for my .com site which a friend had given to me but had never pushed the site.

Then I needed to pull the site after this Getty image nonsense, as there had been an image in the template which had been used without permission but had been sold to many an unsuspecting user.

So .com was dropped and was created so that there was some sort of presence provided to the bottom of the sites that were being developed which mentioned Designed by DMG-projects.

It is the intention to have .com for graphic design and websites with .net for the projects we work on with the clients.

Yes, 2013, will see DMG-projects pushed to the fore, so maybe time to do.

Sites spoken of: * * DMG-projects

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