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Time-to-Run - Running Information

Time-to-Run – Running Information

My first site which was to become a mega site with development was

This Running Information site started off with my intention of putting my coaching knowledge into a platform with what I considered would make a great running information site. I initially started off with a section for Cape Town running information, of course, my home town.

Because of my previous coaching experience in Cape Town, I was able to tap into Doc Andrew Bosch at the Sports Science Institute in Newlands.

One of the first and most important areas I had articles developed for was Injuries and Treatment, and the physio Teri Burgess wrote a superb article on The Big 5. The 5 most common running injuries. These set of articles were the most popular on the platform for many a year.

In 2001, I had started working with Dreamweaver and my web skills had improved somewhat, though my focus was still on information.

Back then I had set my thoughts and ideas on a structure that covered a number of areas of interest. Travel was one of the early interests and of course info for South Africa.

Living in Finland, I had decided on providing information for that country though it was very slow to move and then time began to run away from me as I began building this juggernaut that would become Time-to-Run International.

In 2010, the platform received 1.2 million visitors and things looked very good.

I was focusing on development and by 2012 the platform covered information from the following countries:

Australia * Britain * Canada * Denmark (Copenhagen Marathon) * Ireland * Germany * Namibia * Malta * New Zealand * Isreal (Tel Aviv Marathon) * Suomi (Finland in Finnish) * South Africa * Europe * Kenya * USA

there are also sub-sections to each country and then the category development where the running information covers everything relating to the Sports Doctor, Nutrition, Massage, Training, Women, Beginners and more.

The Time-to-Run Forums, provide an area for feedback regarding to the popular 10k Training Programs we provide.

The 10k training programs were developed by me after a number of years of coaching experience and the feedback provided on the forums is via TheEd, who is me, Gavin Doyle. I started developing TheEd’s Blog due to questions being asked on the forums and to hopefully provide a way for me to answer questions where the answers can be referred to more easily.

Due to forum feedback and training programs, the training section has become the most popular on Time-to-Run, something I am pleased with as this was the area that I could put most of my knowledge directly.

The site currently has 4 areas of languages in English, Suomi (Finnish), Sverige (Swedish) and Deutsch (German) with plans of adding Spanish, French and Danish in the near future. The data in Swedish and German will move along more rapidly in 2013.

The development of Time-to-Run has been meticulous and has sometimes lagged due to the further developments I had done in numerous other areas.

More on this under the development of South Africa content

see’s About page

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