Background to Internet Development

Coaching - Cape Town 1986

Coaching – Cape Town 1986

I shall utilise this blog to discuss the background to my development of the internet structure and how it was all processed.

I am an originally from Cape Town, South Africa, where I was extensively involved in athletic coaching and development. Coming to running coaching in 1984, I was fortunate to work with an athlete who was obviously talented and no one had tapped into his ability, by 1985 he had begun to emerge as a surprising athlete others were starting to notice.

With that said, I had an athlete in the latter years who was a graphic designer, so in order to keep the athlete within my structure I ventured towards ‘below the line’ advertising. I was unable to keep the athlete as he moved however I had purchased some equipment and decided to continue with the structure. I went through some 6 ‘graphic designers’ in a period of 6 to 8 months and then and there said that if ever I got the chance I would learn to do this myself.

This opportunity was afforded me in 1998 and I did a DTP course consisting of Quark Express, Photoshop and Illustrator.

By then I had met my then wife to be and in 2000 we moved to Finland.

On arriving there, the authorities in athletics were not too keen to involve me and I had already created my first website for a friend in the UK accommodation field. This first site would stimulate my future interest in Travel and Accommodation.

The first site was built in Frontpage and was rather basic. When there was a lack of interest in my coaching, I decided to create a Running Information portal and the start of began.

So began my interest in internet website development

Gavin Doyle

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